Free Marc Emery

4 May
Free Political Prisoner Marc Emery Natural Light Girls

Free Marc Emery


tik toc

1 Jan


31 Dec

one thought at a time.
emotions melt as a whole. slowly.
thoughts are thermostats.
one at a time.
don’t rush don’t run

ask Dr.NLG

24 Dec

momentary existential crisis

7 Dec

What kind of a loser actually thinks anyone else cares?

Is this some kind of a joke…….hah

1 Dec

check out our real live JLB

1 Dec

Olive: secret ninja mission Australia op.

25 Nov

As Jefferson, Hbrinks and JLB fight the insurgents at home base, Natural Light Girl Olive has temporarily relocated to Australia on project, ‘Sand in Belly Button’.

We would like to send her a personal message through the web; due to the heavy tapping of our wires, telephones have become too dangerous: uoyssimew

We eagerly await her return with new treasures and jewels from her mission. We are with her in spirit in her slaying of the jabberwocky.

God speed.

ps. we’re cold

After walking for hours through the deep back streets, the Natural Light Girls decided to rest.

23 Nov

Natural Light Girls take a rest

’tis the season

20 Nov

love Jefferson and HBrinks

T’was the night before party and all through the town, no pigs were a stirring, not even a sound…

We drank Seagram’s, and smoked Panama Reds, while visions of the munchies danced through our heads…

But all of a sudden, came a knock at the door.
We all yelled, “pigs!” and hit the floor.

But what to our red glazed eyes should appear?
A fucking pound of columbian… and two cases of beer.

The man at the door flashes a smile, we say, “come on in man you should party a while!” And we heard him exclaim as he flew through the sky, marijuana to all, and to all a great high…